Friday, July 22, 2011

The Journey

Well, well, well... Look what the cat dragged in.... It's me.

Hey internet/blog, sorry it's been so long. I've been very busy working and sleeping and then working, and not sleeping. There's a few more variations, but I'll leave those up to your imagination. Thought I'd post about my life so everyone could admire my pluck.

So, general news, I'm actually starting to get excited about going back to school. I'm really happy with my schedule and I'm officially on my way to graduating! This year is going to be pretty rough, but with enough energy and enthusiasm, I'm sure I'll be able to get through it. Anyways, I'm starting to get a little bit nervous about You're a Good Man Charlie Brown. Snoopy is kind of an interesting role. The whole thing is usually done goofy and VERY tongue in cheek. While I've played roles like this before, I'm a little intimidated by the whole dog thing. Have I started watching old Snoopy clips/youtube videos of dogs? I mean, yes. And it's helping. I'm trying to figure out what my maneurisms are going to be. I'm sure the brilliant director Dale Dreyfoos will help. It's probably going to be an epic show, so you should definitely clear your schedules. You can find out the details by going to http:/// and typing in You're a Good Man Charlie Brown ASU. Digital age, people. Get used to it. ;)

Next is the wonderful boyfriend. We hit one month as of the 19th of June and I couldn't be happier. He's amazing and that's all you need to know. If you ever get a chance to meet him, do it. He just may be one of the sweetest human beings in the history of the universe.

Continuing on to this weekend! My brother's birthday was at the very end of May [and coincidentally my Mom's birthday is tomorrow! Happy Birthday Mama!!!] and I decided that, for my present, I was going to take him to Magic Mountain! I get off of work early today to run to my Dad's office for a cheapy cheap discount on tickets! $26.00!!! From there I'm continuing my trek up to the great Anthem, Arizona. I'll stay up there and celebrate my Mama's birthday and then my brother and I are leaving on Sunday for sunny California. We'll get there early evening, spend the night at my Aunt Christy's house, and head to the park Monday morning. I'm really hoping it's not too crowded, but it's a Monday and the weather is going to be great, so I imagine there will be a few people there. And by a few I mean far too many. Anyways, we'll stay all day Monday, head back to Christy's to sleep again, and then head out on Tuesday morning for home. Oh, and the high for all the days we're going to be there is 88 degrees. Uh-huh-huh-huh. [Like the Mad TV character?]

At any rate, things are still going really well. I have a good job, a great family, the best boyfriend on the planet, and a whole slew of other fortunes. Life lesson for this week: don't think you can read into people. No one ever does it as well as they think they can. Also, stay above the influence, in general. Don't be tempted by drugs that make you feel good, or drama that brings interest to your life. Go meet someone in a park or grocery store and say hi. Maybe they're looking for a friend too. And always, always, always, always remember to capture the beauty of life. We literally only get one chance, and we all need to make it worth it. Even in this awful desert heat, you can find glimpses of beauty. Keep your eyes open, your ears alive, and think. I guess I should have said life lesson[s]... Oh, and read. ;)


Saturday, July 2, 2011

I'm Going to Smile All I Want

Hello world and life force we know as the internet. Me again. I'm just going to do my own thing over here. Before I get into any details, I'd like to clarify that, although it does read 24/7[evan], my blog's title should be read as Twenty-Four S[evan]. Does that make sense? Yepperz.

So I've been pretty busy since my last post! Headed back to work for the week and I'm really liking it! Working seven hours a day M-F at 8.90 an hour isn't so bad for a summer job. I'm making enough money to support myself and pay off some debt, my supervisors are all super nice and supportive, and it's wonderful to know that I'm building "Big Boy" skills. Also, being a student worker is the best idea anyone could ever have to make money in college. Basically, they schedule your work hours around your school commitments and it's simply wonderful. You should look into it if you're poor and in college. Truly.

I headed up to Anthem for the fourth of July festivities and because I don't work on Monday. I plan on lounging, swimming, and just enjoying life. No stress [other than the crazy family] and a lot of fun. I'm meeting with the infamous Elizabeth Rhodes, the dashing Allison Houston, the heartthrob Sean Mullaney, and the charmer Kasey Ray on Sunday. I'm known as the Wanna-Be Ginger Evan Tyler Wilson. It's a living.

Meat and Potatoes time. I assume that if you've read this far, you're seemingly interested in what I have to say... or maybe you just like making fun of it. Either way, you're in for a treat. I had a sort of spirtual awakening this evening on my drive up to Anthem from Tempe. I got full-on chills driving toward the sunset and being the only one on the new freeway for miles. Chills, my friends. The kind you get when you kiss for the first time or when you're overly inspired to do something. For once in my life I had clarity and direction. In this moment, this fleeting instant, everything in my life is, all at once, getting better. Slowly but surely things are climbing from bad to good, or better to best. It just hit me and, prepare your wuss signs, I broke down crying. The sunset was so beautiful and there were no rules. It was just me and the road and a smile. Some people never get to find moments like these in their lives and I'm just so thankful that I was able to feel it. That's what being alive is all about right? The human experience and whatnot? So, my friends, keep your eyes and ears open and your spirits high. It's only life, after all, so cherish each moment as if you'll never have it again. Don't be afraid. Don't wait around. Don't judge yourself or others. And when you inevitably fall short or fail at something, don't spend your time thinking about why it happened. Spend your time thinking about what you learned and how you'll never let it happen again. The secrets to happiness revealed.

My life is sailing without a hitch and I'm going to smile all I want.

Thanks for reading,