Friday, September 2, 2011

A Way Back to Then

Hey blog. Sorry I've neglected you. We're okay? Good.

Well, life has taken a slight detour in terms of ultimate happiness, but that's the idea, right? Turns out I'm single now, but not really looking to date. Which is actually okay. I have to admit that, at first, I felt a little empty. When you put a lot of work into something, you're always sure to have some negative feelings when things go awry. Anyways, I'm not really here to post online about my problems. It's only life, after all. I'm on the "road to recovery," but it'll be awhile before I'm able to trust someone with my heart.

You're a Good Man Charlie Brown is in full rehearsal mode, which has made for an excellent distraction. Dale Dreyfoos, our director, is hysterical and really understands the unique style Charles Schultz has created. One signature thing found in all of Dale's productions is his use of props. In the "Rabbit Chasing" sequence alone I go from Dog, to Horse, to Cowboy, to Bandit, to Opera Singer, to Bo Peep's Sheep, to [yes, I'm still going] Butterfly Chaser, to Hunter, to Football Player, to Carmen Miranda, to actual Rabbit in less than three minutes. Impressed? I know I am. Other than that, the cast is absolutely amazing and if you're in Arizona, you do not want to miss this show.

I finalized my rep for this semester, which has been really difficult actually. First I'll be singing "The Butterfly" and "People Carry On" from the brilliant musical "The Story of My Life." The show lasted for five performances on Broadway due to recession-related issues, but the show is genius. Truly. Next on the list is a beautiful American folk song titled "Homeward Bound." Originally, the solo version is in Eflat, which works perfectly for mezzos and baritones. The song has a huge range and the lows were getting pretty low in Eflat, so I had one of my great friends Nathan transpose it up to Aflat. Much, much better. It sounds really really great now and I don't really have to stretch myself for the lows... wish I could say the same about the highs now... Next on the rep list is "Wand'ring Minstel" from The Mikado. It's funny and Gilbert-and-Sullivan-y... Judy [my voice coach] is basically making me sing it. The final song on my rep list is a Scott Alan song called "It's Good to See You Again." It's a song about a broken up couple meeting again for the first time in five years. It's really touching and it brings a smile to my face. Makes me think that there's hope in love.

At any rate, that's a picture of my life at the moment. In the next blog, I'm going to focus on more theatre-related items! I think I'll do resume's first! That's a great start for anyone interested in getting into theatre professionally. Thanks for reading, and, as always, keep it real.


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