Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Scheduled Sleep is for Quitters

Back again with some new exciting updates on my life! 

First, I'm surprised by the amount of people that are finding and reading my blog! I'm touched and honored that there are people out there interested in what I have to say. Feel free to follow me if you have a google account, or post comments! Those will certainly make me smile!

And now an update on my life. If you read my last blog post, you know that my life was looking good and that, after the evening of my post, it was going to look even better. Well, I have good news! I have a boyfriend! He's an adorable, smart, sexy, attractive, talented, brilliant, hunk of a man and I can say that he's now mine ;) He met me at this free wine event hosted by Metro Valley Players and then we headed back to my house where I had flowers, a goofy-cutesy document titled: Declaration of Romantic Intent, and red velvet cupcakes. I'm fairly certain the cupcakes won him over. I like to think that I contributed as well... ;) Anyways, he's great and I'm thrilled to see where things go from here!

I'm also doing a summer camp off of Happy Valley and 107th St. called the Brockway Triple Threat Summer Camp. Brockway is a local band/group that performs rocked out versions of musical theatre songs. It's original, creative, funky, and unbelievable. The talent that goes in and out of the group is simply remarkable. At any rate, I'm staying up in Anthem with my parents to make the drive a little less painful, to see my wonderful family, and to catch up with old friends. So far it's been awesome and I'm a lot closer to my boyfriend who's also doing the camp. Perks.

In other news, I'm hoping to join the reunion cast of Les Miserbles: School Edition at Spotlight Youth Theatre. It should be really fun and I'm just waiting on a few more details for confirmation. If you aren't aware, Les Mis was the show that got Spotlight on the map. It won a ton of Zoni Awards (the Tony's of Arizona) including 2 leading actors (one of them being myself), 2 supporting actors, direction, and musical direction. Remounting the show should prove to be a lot of fun and it'll be nice to catch up with some of those old cast members. I'll be sure to post more deets when I find them out.

As for the title of this post, I'm having some trouble sleeping recently and I'm not sure why. Instead, I've been power napping daily and not getting the recommended night time sleep... My conclusion: I'm going to sleep when I want to sleep. As long as I'm working out, eating right, and balancing my stress levels, I think it's okay that my sleep suffers, especially because it's summer! :)

School starts up soon. Yowza. Not excited. Welp, thanks for reading, internet. I hope your life brings you happiness. And more sleep than I'm getting.

'Till next time.

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  1. First, best blog title ever. Second, hurray new boyfriend! Third, sleep sucks.