Saturday, June 18, 2011

Things are Looking Up

Hey internet. Me again. I'm impressed that I made it to post #2. Hopefully more to come.

At any rate, things are starting to look up for me. I'm learning what it means to be a performer, how to love openly and honestly, and how to be happy with who I am and what I look like. I have a firm grip on what I want to do with my life and the steps I need to take to get there. I'm also in a good place right now with working out, love, and sleep. Things are looking up. 

In other news, I'm volunteering in a review for a new community theatre called Metro Valley Players. They're a brand new theatre [literally this is their first show] and the love there is just incredible. The show is directed by Kyle C. Greene and stars a whole bunch of talented performers. Nine to be exact. Four guys, five girls. The official title of our show is Curtains Up: A Musical Revue. Catchy right? Basically we sing songs from just about every period in musical theatre and call it a show. We opened last night and it was received really, really well. A lot of people turned out to see it and they all seemed really happy with the performance. We also had the cast party last night and there was far too much food. I definitely ate waaaaay too much and took two pizzas home with me. Don't judge, just love.

So what's next for me you're wondering? Well, I'll tell you. Before the semester ended I had auditions for You're a Good Man Charlie Brown at ASU and was cast as Snoopy! Shortly after that I had my generals audition at Phoenix Theatre and was called back for 9 to 5 and Gypsy. After a whole lot of dancing, reading, and singing we received an email informing us that 9 to 5 was shelved. I guess they just didn't think it would be as successful as some other options, so they opted to not do it at all. Instead, they're adding another production to the end of their season [still unknown] and are collaborating with a local community theatre to bring an awesome show to the PT stage. This year, PT and Nearly Naked Theatre are going to be doing Spring Awakening! How exciting, right? Hopefully there's a role for me, but we'll see...

 Anyways, back to the generals, I received a call yesterday informing me that I was cast in Gypsy as one of the farmboys! I'm super stoked to join the cast, but it gets better. Normally we ASU students get cast in these professional PT shows as students. Instead of payment, we get $100.00 which goes towards paying our Equity Membership Candidate [EMC] fee and college credit. It's something I've grown used to. It's like doing a college show, but you get points toward your equity card. I've done this four times and was part of the first group they ever tried it on. I did it for Les Miserables, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Hairspray, and Avenue Q. This time, however, they offered me a real person's contract. I think this means I'm growing up!!!

So with all of that, it's safe to say that I'm on cloud nine. Things are looking pretty good and I'm thankful to have so many amazing people in my life. After tonight, it'll only get better. I won't tell you what's happening, but I'll update you in my next post. Think of it as a surprise for next time.

Thanks for reading, internet. You've been swell.


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